Getting to Know You… TA Williams

Getting to Know You… TA Williams


I recently had the great pleasure in reviewing TA William’s book What Happens at the Beach… and as part of the book blog tour I’ve been lucky enough to pose Trevor some questions.


Please tell us a little about yourself…

Hi, I live in Devon, down in rural south west England, with my Italian wife. I used to be a school principal but I’ve given that up in favour of writing.

Tell us about your new book…

What Happens at the Beach is the fifth and last in the “What Happens…” series. They are all stand alone books, but they share one main characteristic. The main character is always a woman. This time it’s Natalie and she’s down in the sunny south of France resting and recuperating after a few really hard years.
Where does your inspiration come from?

If only I knew 🙂 . Well, as far as location is concerned, that’s always from personal experience. I know that prt of the world really well. As for the characters and plot, search me. Ideas just sort of pop up. my hobby is cycling and some of my best ideas come to me on a long bike ride.
Where is your happy place?

No question, it’s here in my study. I’m lucky enough to have a room to myself where I can write. It’s filled with bookshelves and there are all 8 of my book covers up on the walls.
Do you have a favourite place to write?

Yup. That’s the one. I am in awe of some of my fellow authors who manage to juggle running a family, a job, a house and squeeze in a bit of writing at the kitchen table. I need peace and quiet. Not even music!

What is your happiest memory?

Um, tricky one. Probably a choice of two. Corny as it sounds, the first is the first thirty seconds or so of my daughter’s life. She looked up, recognised me, met my eye, winked and then reverted to being a little baby again for the next six months. The second is when I opened the email from Carina UK telling me they were offering me my first publishing contract. That was awesome.

Who would you invite to your ultimate dinner party?

David Attenborough, Winston Churchill (but he’d have to bring his own booze) and Elizabeth I of England.

Afternoon tea or coffee and cake?

Afternoon tea, of course. Maybe even High Tea with cucumber sandwiches.

Share with us a little known factoid about you

My wife and I met when I was living and working in Italy and we still speak Italian together at home, even though we’ve been back in the UK now for almost 40 years.

What simple thing makes you the happiest?

Working up a good sweat and then taking a hot shower and changing into dry, fresh clothes. Wonderful.



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