12 Reads of Christmas: Book 8 – A Christmas Kiss by Vicky Pattison

12 Reads of Christmas: Book 8 – A Christmas Kiss by Vicky Pattison

Author: Vicky Pattison
Publisher: Sphere
Release Date:  22 October 2015 (digital) 20 October 2016 (paperback)
Genre: Contemporary Romance


The Blurb: 

It’s the perfect season to fall in love.

Amber Raey is working all the hours God sends as assistant to one of the country’s top fashion designers, and her boss is a complete nightmare. But Amber has big plans for her future so, for the time being, she just has to grin and bear it. And then opportunity comes knocking and suddenly she’s on the fast track to the top.

Amber adores her new life, especially as she’s falling in love for the first time too. But soon the glossy exterior starts to slip and Amber begins to wonder if she’s made the right decision entering this world. Then a face from her past reappears and she finds herself in real trouble. With Christmas fast approaching, Amber is drifting further away from her loved ones. Can she get her life back on track before it’s too late for a merry Christmas?

Full of heart, warmth and humour, A Christmas Kiss is a romantic and festive read – it’s the perfect book to curl up with this Christmas!

The Review: 

I’ll put my hands up now, I picked this book up off the shelf in Tesco purely out of interest of how a reality star had turned their hand to writing. I wasn’t disappointed. She is very open about the process behind her novels and apart from having herself in a single scene it was a fantastically enjoyable romp.

When we first meet Amber Raey she is an assistant to fashion designer Diana Grant. Instead of fulfilling her potential at London Fashion Week, instead she is literally left holding a dog. As a model is about to take to the stage there is a wardrobe malfunction and Amber races to the collection’s rescue and saves the day with a little bit of canny ingenuity, offloading the pooch on to a stranger standing in the area. At this point had a sinking feeling that this was going to turn into another The Devil Wears Prada or The Stylist type of book.

Instead, this is where Amber’s story truly begins. That stranger turns out to be none other but internationally renowned designer Alessandro Rossi, head of the label House of Rossi who offers her the job of her dreams.

As Amber starts her new job on the design team, her hard work and talent shines through and she is offered the opportunity to create her own fashion line. But as her professional life takes off, her private life begins to crumble. Surrounded by her faithful friends in London, and loved to bits by her mum and sister in Newcastle.

Life in the fast lane begins to take its toll and a burgeoning romance with a world famous pop star just makes things worse. Amber is beginning to crash, and needs to find herself again before everything she ever put her heart and soul into is gone.

With the help of Faith Bleasdale and editor Rhiannon Smith, Vicky has created a wonderful world, that can be read anytime of year. She has truly won me over and had be absorbed between the covers.


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