Guest Post: From AJ Nuest

Guest Post: From AJ Nuest

I’ve been ever so lucky again, and to celebrate the release of Dirty Deeds author AJ Nuest agreed to write a post for me as part of this week’s book tour.


When I first sat down to begin my standalone romantic suspense, DIRTY DEEDS, book one in the A Likely Story series, my thoughts were where they always are at the beginning of any new project—character development, story arc, pinpointing the bad guy and defining Eden Smith’s revenge-for-hire company in a way that would make sense to the reader. After all, that’s my job, and crafting a well-thought-out story is important. But something…strange happened during the hours it took me to finish the book. Something that, to this day, honestly makes me wish I had omniscient powers.

Turns out, I need DIRTY DEEDS in my life. While writing the story, I didn’t realize how many times these characters and their level of expertise would apply. Like last week, for example, when I went in for the same routine blood work I’ve been getting twice a year for the same meds I’ve been taking over twenty years. The results came back perfect. My dosage hasn’t changed and I feel great. Problem is, even though I shelled out over $150 for the tests, the doctor in charge would only give me enough meds to last me a month. I need to come back in and have a sit down with him, he says. About what, I’m not sure and neither is his receptionist. She sure was happy to quote me the office visit of an additional $70 though…which, last time I checked, was extortion. In all the years I’ve been taking these pills I’ve never ONCE had to go in and talk to anyone. Now, suddenly, over $200 in office fees and I still don’t have my medication?

I NEED DIRTY DEEDS! Eden Smith would be only too happy to take care of that crap for me right quick.

Or how about the fact I’ve been driving my vehicle for over 10 years. On occasion, I’ve even had my kids in the front passenger seat along with me. My husband and I paid over thirty grand for this SUV, but last week I got a recall notice that if either of the front airbags explode there’s a good chance several metal projectiles will shoot out of the dash and lodge in my chest…and the chest of anyone else in the front seat. Sounds to me like someone didn’t do their research. One fender-bender and my kids could die? Not to mention, something like this must’ve already happened for the manufacturer to issue the notice! Uh-uh. Nope. No way that’s gonna fly.

I NEED DIRTY DEEDS! Eden Smith wouldn’t let that BS go unresolved.

What about you? Have you ever been through an experience when you may have needed the revenge-for-hire help of DIRTY DEEDS?




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